They Released Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Cast Photos and I Had Some Thoughts- Part 3: The Malfoys

by ameliareviews

*Sorry this one has been a bit slower than the others, it’s been a bit of a busy week*


When they first released that massive rehearsal picture all the way back in February, I picked Alex Price (who you may recognise from such television shows as Father Brown, Penny Dreadful and that episode of Doctor Who where he and Helen McCrory played a mother and son pair of fish vampires who lived in 16th century Venice. So in an indirect way Helen McCrory has played Draco Malfoy’s mum twice. But that is somewhat off the point, just thought it was interesting) out of the crowd as Draco Malfoy. I had two reasons for this 1) He was the only other face I recognised and I was sure they would be giving him a key part and 2) he sort of had a look. And I’m so glad that I got it right because he looks wonderful. He’s giving off a particularly arrogant vibe, especially because of the slightly cocky eyebrow and that dead stare is marvellously villainous. However, there is an elephant in the room. A blonde elephant. Because what self respecting man in his mid thirties in 2016 has A PONYTAIL? And if you’ve seen the behind the scenes video you will know it’s a PLAITED PONYTAIL. DRACO COME ON. There has always been something inherently camp about the Malfoy family and this newest addition is not really helping matters. It is very hard to take anyone, especially a potential antagonist, seriously with a platinum blonde ponytail. It is the one decision I am most unhappy with because it’s so daft it’s almost distracting.


Poor wee Scorpius. It’s Albus and his nervous cloak grabbing all over again, he looks so worried. He’s got just as much legacy as Albus except his is far, far worse. His grandfather was a widely know and notorious Death Eater and his great aunt was basically Lord Voldemort’s right hand woman. And he’s called Scorpius, which is not exactly setting the poor child up for an easy life because it SCREAMS villain. The assumptions made about him will be numerous and they won’t be good. Which is an awful lot to deal with when you are 11 and about to leave home for the first time. There’s the possibility that the weight of expectation and a family name you didn’t ask for (and the consequences that has) that pushes Albus and Scorpius together to become friends. (That is assuming they even become friends and aren’t set to be enemies, like their fathers before them) Unlike his father, Scorpius seems to be a lot softer. I sort of just want to cuddle him and tell him it’s going to be alright.

I have a theory that this young man is in fact the eponymous Cursed Child, not Albus Potter. I reckon that, if the curse is in fact a literal curse and not a metaphorical one,  either Albus is going to have got Scorpius cursed in some way and it’ll be up to Harry to put aside his somewhat anti-Malfoy feelings and help out.

Author’s note: since I wrote that paragraph they released a picture of Ron, Harry and Draco all standing around being dad lads and looking a bit worried which makes me believe even more that Scorpius is the cursed child in some shape or form. Also I can’t wait to see the three of them having to buddy up. 


SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THIS KID TO MAKE HIM LOOK SO NERVOUS? Of all the family dynamics, this one is the most interesting to me. It feels almost as if Draco is mirroring his own father. The hand on Scorpius’ shoulder, unlike the similar pose in the other family portraits, seems possessive and not all that loving. And there is a physical distance between father and son which very well could reflect an emotional one. That authoritative pose and Scorpius’ nervous, scrunched up hands all point towards this not being the picture of familial bliss. From this picture, and prior knowledge, I get the feeling that Draco Malfoy might not be the sort of dad that reads bedtime stories and hugs his son.

However, it’s remarkable that, out of the three sets of family portraits, the Malfoys look the most ‘wizardy’ of them all. Of course, they are wizards and there is nothing wrong with wanting to dress in that way. But it seemed, to me at least, to be a distinctly pure-blood, old family thing, like the Malfoys, to do. By dressing in such a way, Draco may not have let go of his previous pure-blood prejudices and in choosing to deck himself out in wizard garb (and distinctly evil wizard garb at that) Unlike Harry, Ron and Hermione whose style of dress is distinctly Muggle, his obvious ‘otherness’ (although I can only speak in the context of these pictures) puts him at odds with his peers, all of whom are significant members of wizarding society. The costume itself, it must be said, is beautiful, elegant and typical Malfoy which is a comfort. He may be a slimy bastard but at least they haven’t changed him.

So that’s all we’ve got. Previews have now begun and the world is learning what became of our childhood icons. I absolutely can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.