They Released Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Cast Photos And I Had Some Thoughts. Part Two: The Granger-Weasleys

by ameliareviews

Before we get anywhere near these photos I just want to express how marvellous it is that this family are called the Granger-Weasleys. Because of course they would be. It strikes me as a very Hermione thing to do to share all the names with her family (Not that Ron wouldn’t but I can’t imagine that he would really be that bothered either way) Plus Granger-Weasley has such a lovely ring to it. And speaking of Ron…


I will make no bones about it, Ronald Bilius Weasley is my favourite character of the whole series. He was grossly (although, my 11 year old self was definitely going to marry Rupert Grint) under served by the films, in which his only purpose was to be the gurning sidekick, to eat a lot and to act as someone for Hermione (who I also feel was somewhat mistreated) to shout at. So his casting and his eventual look was of very real concern to me. Admittedly, when the big reveal happened back in December, Paul Thornley’s face was the only one I didn’t recognise. However the more I looked, the more I realised he looks EXACTLY like a grown up version of the illustrated Ron on the front cover of Deathly Hallows (consult below image if you have no clue what I’m talking about) The fact that they cast someone so physically similar to the description of Ron in the books gives me hope for the rest of his character.

But what of his costume? Well first things first I have to express a slight disappointment. Because he simply is not ginger enough. I appreciate that this is Ron in his later years, some greys might have slipped in but could there not have been just a bit more dye splashed around. This is a huge shame because the rest of Ron’s look is perfect. The scarf! The jumper! (I like to think it’s orange because Ron never gave up his loyalty to his beloved Chudley Cannons). I find the choice of clothing for Ron fascinating, especially given his background. The scarf is like something his mum might have knitted him, but it looks expensive, probably made from cashmere. It’s a merging of his two identities, the young man who lived his life in homely hand me downs and a successful Auror who can afford to buy himself something nice now and then. Although we can’t know, Ron Weasley does not strike me as a man who would blow his money on something flashy. Which is probably why I love him so much.


This is perfect. Let’s start with that pose. This just has Hermione Granger written all over it. It’s authoritative, especially with the folded arms but soft too and totally befits the brightest witch of her age. Annoyingly, this particular photo is not actually the best to try and draw any conclusions about Noma Dumezweni’s costume but I absolutely love that colour and the sleeves are fantastic. It’s a wonderful mixture of colour and practically and is fits with someone who is the wizarding equivalent of the Deputy Head of the Home Office. Although I love this photo, I am finding it hard to put into words why it is so perfectly Hermione. Because it is, Noma has got it so right but she seems to be giving less away than the lads.  So I’m going to leave it at that.


OH MY GOD SHE IS TOO CUTE. This, like with the photo of her cousin Albus, has so much to tell us about the characterisation of a character we haven’t really met yet. First off, the way Cherrelle Skeete is mirroring Noma’s pose is genius because it’s drawing an immediate visual comparison between mother and daughter, she’s a mini Hermione. But just look at that cheeky little face. From what we have seen from Paul Thornley’s characterisation of Ron, Rose looks like she’ll very much be her father’s daughter too. She’s clearly more confident than Albus (none of that anxious cloak grabbing here) and already engaging with the world of Hogwarts. I think Rose is going to be a little firecracker and I cannot wait to see what they give her to do.

One more thing, I am endlessly impressed with the way, through poses and, in Cherrelle’s case a hairstyle, they have managed to convincingly transform actors in their twenties into eleven year olds. They did it with Sam Clemmett and now with Cherrelle Skeete. It proves the calibre of the actors they’ve cast and instilled me with a huge amount of confidence in the production as a whole.


This family portrait is more revealing in terms of the characterisation of Hermione than her individual photo. That one was seems to me to be very much how Hermione is at the office whereas this is Mumma Hermione at her best. The hand around Rose’s shoulder is so sweet and the slightly softened facial expression becomes a family portrait more the photo of her on her own. Her placement in the middle of the picture indicates her role as the head of household, exactly, if we take everything we know about Hermione, is exactly where she should be. I also love that we can see just how little Ron cares about his clothing combinations with a full length shot of that super clashing scarf and jumper in all its glory. This is just the most gorgeous, joyful family shot and I reckon the Granger-Weasley home is a very happy place to grow up.

(On a side note, I read the most hilarious article about Hugo Granger-Weasley being the family’s Kylo Ren because he’s not in this portrait. Hugo would be 9 at this point and not going to Hogwarts for 2 more years and therefore I imagine will be featuring far less in the play than his big sister. James and Lily Potter are also absent from the portrait with their mum, dad and their brother. They are all basically Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Play from Monty Python. But I just love the idea that the youngest member of the Granger-Weasley clan would turn to the dark side and they’d all stand around smiling like nothing had happened.)