A Quite Silly Post- Coriolanus plot

by ameliareviews

I am currently writing a review of the Donmar Warehouse’s production of Coriolanus. To start off I wrote a rather silly introduction to the plot of the play but it is making the review very long and there are more important things that I needed to say about the production. But instead of wasting it, I thought I would post it seperately so you can have a look if you fancy it. As I say in the next paragraph, I wrote this based on what I understood in the play so if I get the wrong end of the stick on anything I’m sorry. Hopefully it will make it funnier! The review will be up I hope tonight but if not it will be up in the morning.

Herein proves my point about Martius being a nut job

Herein proves my point about Martius being a nut job


Coriolanus is a Shakespeare play that I knew nothing about prior to seeing it at the Donmar but *smug intellectual face* I did manage to keep up. For the most part. So here’s the potted plot from what I could understand of it. (Warning- contains things that reduce Shakespeare to jokes. But Shakespeare liked jokes so it is OK)

Caius Martius is a Roman general who is hard as nails. For reasons that slightly escaped me, he heads off to Corioli to fuck up the Volscis who are lead by Tullus Aufidius. It is at Corioli that Martius proves that he is a grade A badass and also nut job as his army look on horrified as their general goes thundering into the city and is promptly locked in. They all assume they’ve seen the last of him until he emerges drenched in the blood of his enemies having taken the city single handed. See, told you, badass and nut job. On his return from battle his army decide to celebrate his insane awesomeness by giving him the new name of Coriolanus and all return to Rome in glory. When they get home everyone, especially his overbearing mother Volumnia, wants him to be a consul of Rome, except two rather sarcastic tribune members who turn out to be the most massive stirrers. They force Coriolanus to wear the robe of humility (Basically a white dress in which he does not look manly and badass. He is unhappy about this development) and beg the voice of the people. He obliges but does it all very sarcastically and is elected consul. But the Stirrer Twins are not happy about this and banish him for being mean to them about the dress. After an emotional farewell with his family he teams up with old enemy Aufidius where they become great chums and decide to take Rome. Rome finds out that the man who took a whole city is coming to take them down and the tribunes get it in the neck for kicking him out in the first place. After sending a bunch of people to reason with him, Rome sends in the big guns. Enter Overbearing Mother. An emotional chat with her leads to Martius deciding not to burn his birthplace to the ground. Happy endings all round, yes? NOPE. Aufidius takes the fact that Coriolanus didn’t want to kill his family as the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL, strings him up and cuts his throat. THE END.