I, once again, AM NOT DEAD

by ameliareviews

HELLO! I realise that things have been very very quite here over the last few months. In fact I think it was September that I last posted something which is awful. I even missed the first proper anniversary of this blog. I have been living in Paris since September and a) have been trying to navigate things here and b) not really seen anything that I wanted to write about. There is a Thor review in my draft folder but I can’t seem to make it work so you may get that one very very late when I have a little time to polish it. Anyway I am heading back to Blighty next week where I am seeing several plays and also the return of my favourite ever TV show Sherlock, along with several other bit and pieces that I am interested in so expect a glut of reviews over the festive period. Anyway I just wanted to let people know that I hadn’t stopped writing nor had I died. I will return with a vengeance very soon and I am excited to do so! x