This is, what I call, a lazy review title- Miranda BBC 1

by ameliareviews

This pretty much just sums Miranda up in a nutshell. This is why I love her.

This pretty much just sums Miranda up in a nutshell. This is why I love her.

Miranda splits people’s opinions, I know this to be true because I have friends on both sides of the opinion scale. Some love her and her japes and capers (This tends to be women. I couldn’t tell you why but I’ve not come across many men that like Miranda), others simply can’t stand her. But, as you may have guessed given that I only ever blog about stuff I actually like (well what is the point of slagging stuff off, that’s not fun) I am in the I heart Miranda club. And so I was beyond excited when she galloping back onto our screens. I found myself yelling SHE’S BACK! I JUST LOVE MIRANDA AND I AM SO HAPPY SHE IS BACK! Not a mature or measured response but then neither is Miranda. Mature and measured I mean, not a response. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

It has been a long wait for fans of the daft giantess, the last new episode being broadcast Christmas 2010 but I think we may say that it was worth it. We find Miranda on her way to a new job as an admin assistant as her beloved joke shop has been shut down, primarily because she bought more maracas than anyone could ever possible hope to sell. Pint sized pal Stevie has moved on to an executive position with Miranda’s posh friend Tilly. All of the usual jokes that we know and love are there, the farting in Zumba class, falling off chairs, Miranda ending up standing in her knickers. The Zumba class caused much mirth with me as an attendee of Zumba classes. Not the farting bit thank god, but the general feeling a little bit uncomfortable about all of the sexy bits you have to do.

My favourite joke of the episode was the moment in which Miranda is forced, in her new job as admin assistant, to attend a meeting/ get to know you session. One of her colleagues stands up and introduces herself as Sue Perb and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE LAUGHS! I was with Miranda on this one, how on earth could you not find that funny?! It is the jokes like that that make Miranda such a charming and joyous programme. There isn’t a whole lot that is subtle about jokes like this but sometimes subtle isn’t what you want, sometimes, people with silly names are just what the doctor ordered. Even less subtle was when Miranda chose to flash her ex colleagues in the glass room in which their meeting was being held, but who hasn’t longed to do that in some shape or form. And if you say that you haven’t I have a suspicion you might be lying just a little bit.

Other silliness saw Miranda forced into a Weight Watchers style meeting which she had promised her mother she would attend if Mummy would become her new business partner, a necessity set down by bank manager Dick Twist (another absolute beauty) if Miranda is to save her shop. It ends in true Miranda style with all the meeting attendees overruling the boring woman in charge and descending on a massive pile of pies. As you do at a Weight Watchers meeting. (Although I have never been to a Weight Watchers meeting so I’m not really qualified to comment on this. It might well often end with a massive pie scoffing session. But I wouldn’t have thought so, it seems a bit counter intuitive)

Miranda is, for me at least, one of the ultimate comedies and I know there will be great objection to this. The Thick of It it ain’t, but then it never pretends to be anything like that. What it is is half an hour of pure unadulterated stupidity, something which in today’s world can be lacking. The cast is stellar, Sally Phillips as Tilly, I’m looking at you and I feel that the joy that we see on screen comes from a very real place. I have no doubt that we have a cast that are just in love with what they are doing which makes all the world of difference. I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come and well and truly tickle my funny bone.

SUCH FUN! (Sorry that was obvious, wasn’t it. I just couldn’t resist)